General terms of use by Fitverstas

The conclusion of a contract and its’ content 

Customer can make an order from the online shop, eBay or Shopify. The contract is concluded when customer accepts the terms and conditions and he or she will receive an order confirmation. The order confirmation and terms are delivered to the customer’s email address.


Prices mentioned in the price list includes Finnish value-added tax 24% and country-specific taxes.

Term of validity and termination of the contract 

The contract date is the date of the order confirmation. Repayment of electronic and intangible products is virtually impossible and customer gets access to the purchased material immediately. Therefore once the order has been made, refund is not possible. The supplier also has the right to invoice for all orders that have been delivered to the customer. 

Customer responsibilities and obligations 

The results achieved with the programs and guidance are largely due to the customer’s own contribution. By accepting this fact, the Customer agrees to comply with Fitverstas’ programs and common practices to the best of his/her ability. There are always certain risks associated with exercise. Customer acknowledges the risks involved in training and participates in training at own risk, while waiving Fitverstas’ of responsibility on any event of injury. During the traineeship period, any injuries, illnesses and strain injuries that may occur to the Customer will be performed by the customer for their own accident and casualty insurance. The Customer agrees to notify Fitverstas about any change in his or her health or other factors affecting exercise (i.e. pregnancy, medication and any changes concerning it).

Processing of customer information and confidentiality 

All the customer information is confidential and the customer information forms are properly stored in a appropriately secured location.

Disagreement and resolution 

Any dispute is primarily resolved through negotiations between the Parties. If the negotiations do not lead to reconciliation within one month of the beginning of the negotiations, the disputes will be settled in accordance with Finnish law in the Finnish legal system.