Emmi Salo, creator and CEO of Fitverstas.

Thic article was written by Norwegian Airlines and it was published in their magazine in March 2018, printed 150.000 copies per issue on board all flights worldwide.


The story of the Finnish student who turned her hobby into a multinational company


"When Emmi Salo launched her running blog back in 2014, the original idea was simple: to share her love of fitness with her family and friends. However, it quickly exceeded her expectations. Much to her surprise, the blog soon gained a large number of followers, who were willing to pay for nutrition tips and training advice. “All of a sudden I had a lot of visibility in the media,” explains Salo. “Other coaches wanted to get involved, and things just grew from there.”


Fast forward four years and Emmi is now the founder of Fitverstas, a network of personal trainers operating in 18 locations across Finland, with plans for five more in Oulu, Ii, Pyhäjärvi, Tampere and Turku. These coaches, who were selected from a list of more than 1,000 applicants, help clients to achieve their fitness goals via both in-person and long-distance training sessions. They also create nutrition programmes tailored to each individual’s needs, while providing advice and motivation via social media.


Despite having over 30,000 members, the Fitverstas community is incredibly tight-knit – something Salo believes is because the coaches act more like teammates than instructors. “It’s no good if they’re a great athlete but an unapproachable person. Our coaches have to be the full package,” she says. “We offer a team and a community.” To ensure that the company’s trainers are up to scratch, Salo will launch the Fitverstas MPT Training programme (a combined personal training and business competence course) in March. She believes that graduates will benefit from Fitverstas’s branding, expertise and wide customer base.


The next step for Salo is to expand operations, with Germany and Sweden on the horizon. This means that a new generation of trainers will soon be even better at helping people achieve their fitness goals – and it all started from a blog."

Now, the business has grown outside of Finland and is expanding all over the world, starting from Europe.